We’re Geeky in Love (Pre-Wedding Shoot) | #JonelandKriz

Achievement unlocked – we’re done with our shoot!

We originally want to forego this however we had a change of hearts. The shoot was an opportunity for us to practice how to act in front of the camera. Especially we don’t have an A-game pose. We’re very shy and timid kasi! We also thought that it was a good chance to get to know our suppliers and build rapport before our best day ever. Plus, we can use the photos on our invitation! Win-win!

I'm Geeky in Love 😍 #KrizzyForJonel #JonelAndKriz #prenupshoot

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Sharing some tips for our shoot to help couples planning their shoot.

  • Set a budget and allot 20-25% contingency fund.

For us we allotted the following fees – Location Fee, Transportation Fee, Supplier Fee, Out of town fee of suppliers, Food/Snacks, DIY props, Outfit.

  • Set a Date and choose a location.

For us we chose a weekday as there might be a lot of guests in the Country club which may distract our shoot.

  • Get supplier confirmation and availability on the date selected.

Remind them to ensure to avoid issue on scheduling. We were super happy that the schedule worked out despite a glitch.

  • Decide on a THEME.

Choose something very close to your personalities. For us we chose the ‘Geek – computer’ theme as we are both computer engineers and working in the IT field. We also had our casual and formal theme.

  • Create MOOD BOARDS for your theme.

Creating them will not only help you on what props you need but it will also help your suppliers on the concept you want to achieve. Our mood board included our peg, clothes, Hair and make-up and props that will be used. This is most useful if you don’t have a stylist.

  • Prepare what CLOTHES to wear.

We used existing clothes from our closets based on our theme and just opted to rent a gown.

  • Props

We did not spend a lot of effort on this bit since our objective is really to practice in front of the camera. We opted to buy a paper bouquet as we did not have time to create but the end-product was a result of collaboration from us and the supplier.

  • Ask a friend to help you on the day of the shoot.

My sister helped us on the day of the shoot. She went on half day leave. Don’t be too shy to ask for help.

  • Always have a back-up plan.

The weather in PH is now unpredictable. It’s best to always have a back-up plan. It rained on the latter part of the day on our shooting day but we’re glad that the location we chose has an indoor facility.

  • Have fun on the actual shoot.

Out of all the tips – this is THE most important. The photoshoot is about you – the couple. Enjoy the moment and be yourself! After all, this is a once in a lifetime experience that both of you will forever cherish.

  • Don’t forget to THANK the supplier!

And with that – allow us to thank the following (Segway!)

Props to this team for not only making us look good (artista level – chos!) in the camera but for making us laugh, instant creative artist (they drew the pics on our white board – ang husay!), and helping us on our clothing style. Can’t believe it’s been four years since we last worked together. They were the official HMUA during my sister’s wedding and in one of our company event. We will follow the beauty tips you shared for our big day.

We booked Efjay as they were highly recommended in girltalk. We’ve been following their posts since and so glad we got them as our official photographer. We looked at the photos and it brought smiles on our faces (yung kita ang gums!). Efjay and Rap also lent us their laptop during the shoot, so thank you again.

  • Paper Flower -Love, Rosie | FB page

Thanks for adhering to my requests and for including an equation bit on our paper flower bouquet.

Sharing our DIY save the date / BTS – videos and pics taken by Sissy and edited by us!

Much Love,

~J & K~