TWIN-k you very much| #Supertwins

Thank you to everyone who witnessed and celebrated with us — BAPTISM of our SUPER TWINS!

Our hearts are filled with joy for choosing to spend your Sunday with us.

We are doubly grateful for the following:

Our Parents – Tatay, Nanay, Daddy & Mommy! Thank you for all the help!

Our Family – Team Parbo & Valmadrid Fam. Shoutout to our super squad of the event Tin and Zel.

The Godparents of Super Twins – Thank you for saying yes! Your heartfelt messages for our twins mean a lot to us.

Fr. Dante, Fr. Roger, Fr. Charles – we are honored that despite of your busy schedule, you were able to make it.

To our extended family – your presence made the event more meaningful.

To our dear friends & colleagues – it was extra nice seeing all of you!

Special thanks to the following too!

Ms. Juliet (Assistance with the venue)
Ninong Ed & Ninang Marissa (food/styling/l&s)
Toto & Tin (Cake/Souvenirs)
Tin & Zel (Baptismal Clothes/Candles/pre event DIY shoot)
Bro. Gerry (Monogram)

Key suppliers – Obscura X & Pixabooth PH.

Finally – thank you LORD! For doubly blessing us with SUPER TWINS! Help us rear them as GOD-LOVING persons.

For our beautiful girls,

May your life be filled with grace & bountiful blessings.
May you grow in faith & wisdom.
May you be respectful & loving.
May the Lord protect you and keep you both safe.

Know that your Dad & Mom loves you dearly.

Hope you had a TWO-rrific time in meeting our lovely daughters!


💛Jonel and Kriz💛


Taimtim na Pasasalamat! | #2wins pregnancy edition

D-day is almost near! That’s why I’m sharing my appreciation post. My 2win pregnancy journey wouldn’t be bearable without my strong support system.

⁃ Hubby : for the patience and understanding! For giving in to my lihi requests. For the ‘ALAY’; our provider! For taking care of me when I was hospitalized! For accompanying me when Mom is not available for doctors’ appointments! For always reminding me not to be stressed out. For making sure that I’m comfortable. For checking on me 24/7. For everything! All the little things you do for us never gets unnoticed! Me and the twins will forever be grateful! 💛

⁃ Mommy : they say you’ll appreciate your Mom even more when you become a mom yourself! Super true. She’s my source of strength. She would always remind me – ‘Konting tiis na lang’ when things are not easy. Thank you for accompanying me on all my doctors’ appointment. For also looking after me when I was hospitalized. Never did I hear her complain especially during difficult times when Ate was also hospitalized. It was her that made everything work and that we made through that phase. For also providing food that will satisfy my cravings. For cooking delicious/healthy meals for us and the twins. For always checking on me if I was ok. For just showing what true love a Mom can give. (Hirap pantayan!)

⁃ Daddy : for driving me to my doctors’ appointment! For always making sure I bring my special pillow so that my butt cheeks won’t hurt while waiting in queue. For managing the house repairs and installing the AC unit when we can’t manage it! He’s been Mommy’s support especially picking up my pinaglilihian food! Thank you!

⁃ Achie : ok so many of you may know or not know it but she had health issues since August and she’s been in and out of the hospital a few times. Thank God she’s on her way to recovery and praying all will be ok. Thank you for patiently answering my preggy related questions! For looking after me even if you are also not so well. It’s always a relief to hear that it’s normal and for reminding me to look after my health. For the new baby items and hand me down items! She’s my human what to expect app! Salamat ng madami TiNiNG!

⁃ Beyv : for letting me vent out to you! Even if it’s just trivial or valid issues, you never fail to give me an ear! For also taking care of me when I was hospitalized! For allowing me na mang gigil sa iyo! For taking over household chores! For being my back-up, my driver at times and for just being an absolute sunshine! TiChaNg rocks! 🤘🏻

⁃ My not so little pumpkin pamangkin : he’s been my source of happiness kahit minsan ay napakakulit! One hug, kiss, song or dance performance can over turn my mood in an instant. You’ll always be my bunso even if I’ll have my own babies na. I know you’ll be a good Kuya to my girls.

⁃ TEAM P: You may be far away from us but I genuinely feel the love and care for me and the twins. We will see you soon!

I’ve been also blessed that my extended family, friends and work mates are always behind my back during this journey. So THANK YOU!

Also, I think it is not coincidence that somehow I have a ‘kabibe/imahe link’ (code na lang ah!) with my OB. I know we’re in good errr best hands! Plus, the other specialists I’ve been referred to!

Thank you Lord for letting me feel Your love with their presence in this journey. We trust and pray that You’ll guide our medical team during the delivery of our twins. May You continue to watch over us during the delivery. Keep us safe and healthy. 🙌🏻



MATERNITY SHOOT – Achievement Unlocked

It seems like it’s the season of the BUNTIS, not to mention twins! Hi to my kapwa twin Moms – Beyonce & Saab! (Feeling close! Haha 😊)

With all the maternity photos flying around my social media feeds, I got to question myself – Do I want to join the bandwagon? Can I muster all the courage to pose and show my VERY pregnant belly?

Ok so I was not 100% sure on this however I wanted something that will allow me to look back one day on how I looked like while carrying my super twins. I don’t need a fancy setup or magazine type of shoot though.

This pregnancy was not an easy one! I’ve been through A LOT! Oftentimes I feel like I’m a dinosaur – the rare kind breed aka Pregasaurus Rex. But every time I feel their movement – I know it will all be worth it.

When I was a kid, I saw a photo of my Mom pregnant. I also want that – a photographic memory that I can show my twins that this is how Mommy looked like while carrying you two. And I’m sure I also wanted hubby to be present at the shoot.

With my due date fast approaching (and my weight fast increasing! 🐽), I said YES to the challenge of having a maternity shoot.

Glad I have the best support system – my sisters and hubby! We decided to have a DIY shoot at home which to me was perfect! 👍

I’m restricted to travel and if ever I get tired, I can just say – “Direk pack up na tayo!” Haha 😊

Also, we didn’t spend on anything. Kaching kaching! 💸💸💸

My youngest sister was the photographer and hubby was my cheerleader co-model.

The first set was the silhouette! (Talagang may name?) I’m not comfortable displaying my belly so this is GOOD!

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Now to the second set – We went outside the house to have these taken!

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The final set is just in the comfort of our bedroom. 🙂
utom na ako! Hubby prepared a refreshing buko shake! And the twins were so happy. Super kicks from super twins!

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For those thinking twice or frugal, try the DIY maternity shoot approach! 😉


Every day brings us closer to our super twins! 💕

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2wins Gender Reveal | #2Wins

It’s time for the BIG REVEAL!

As you all know, we’re ‘SOON to be PARENTS of TWO!’

We’re pretty much hyped up since we’re expecting that our humble home will be filled with giggles (perhaps crying too? The good kind of crying) this upcoming Christmas!

Last week, during my ultrasound test, my OB finally mentioned the gender of our twins giddily. My mom was with me for the first time during the ultrasound process. I jokingly said to my Mom – “Nagpakita ang kambal sa Lola!”.
My OB asked if we plan to do a gender reveal, I said yes but only for my husband/immediate family. I just wanted to capture hubby’s reaction.

Keeping mum on the gender of the twins has been difficult when your husband asks it every now and then. It also doesn’t help when your sisters always barrage you out of nowhere what’s the gender!

And so, we had our simple gender reveal celebration. Thank goodness our schedule matched and we pushed through last weekend. The décor was just made of print outs and balloons. We had the usual pancit and cassava cake.

We’ve asked our immediate family to cast their votes and choose whether it’s blue (2 boys), pink (2 girls) or yellow (1 boy + 1 girl). Team Yellow has the highest of votes.

Here’s a clip of us finally knowing the gender.

We’ll have TWIN GIRLS! TEAM PINK it is! 💞

To our twin girls, we can’t wait to hold you in our arms. We know it will not be easy but know that Daddy and Mommy will try their best to be responsible parents.

Thanks to my lovely siblings, Dad and Mom for helping with the decorations & food prep.