Our Story


“TIMEHOP of J & K – Love Story”

logo_large copyAre you familiar with TIMEHOP? It’s an app that helps you celebrate the best moments of your life.

Instead of the usual how we met story, we’ve created a TIMEHOP to look back on our LOVE STORY!

We’ve noted key events and milestones here so that you can get to know us more!

06-1999: We were block mates in the University (AdU) on our first year in college. Both of us belonged to CPE Block 106.

Side Story: We were both group mates in one project for our Theology class. On our presentation, we performed the song ‘God will make a Way’ by Don Moen (where J played the drums and K sang/played the keyboard). Well, well, well after so many years – we can definitely say GOD made the WAY for us to meet again years after…

Thanks to technology we reconnected through social media!

Our path crossed again in 2011 and as they say the REST is HISTORY.

11-2011: After months of courtship, we became officially a couple! (*sabog confetti*)

01-2012: First visit of J at K’s home.

02-2012: First visit of K at J’s home.

11-2012: First out of town trip with the K’s family (Puerto Princesa – Palawan).

FAST FORWARD to 12-2015: The Proposal!

Side Story from K’s view: It was an ordinary date turned extraordinary! By the way, Wedding / Marriage is something we openly talk about and on our plan. We went to the usual spots in Nuvali. As soon as I went inside the car, he totally surprised me when pulled out the ring and popped the question. I was in shock and went on KrizzyCrazy mode – crying but smiling! Funny thing is we also didn’t know where to put the e-ring (Left or Right?)!  It seemed like the time stopped a bit at that instant.

07-2016: The Pamamanhikan

This is a Filipino tradition we cannot do without as a sign of respect to our parents.

12-2016: BEST DAY EVER! 

04-2017: We found out that we’ll soon have — “Two little blessings, sent from ABOVE, twice the JOY, Twice the LOVE!” 😍

11-2017: SUPER TWINS were born!

***Keep visiting often as we update the TIMEHOP!

Much Love,

~J & K~